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Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Mail forwarding is for businesses or individuals who reside or travel outside Nevada but need a physical Nevada address. Under our basic service, we receive your mail here and forward it to you wherever you are located. If necessary, we can customize your service, forward to different locations and even send mail on an expedited basis.* Please inquire for more information.

*Some restrictions apply. Please contact us with additional questions.

At Forward Nevada, we provide our clients with a physical street address rather than a P.O. Box. You will have a prestigious Las Vegas street address that conveys a professional image.  In addition, the service allows us to receive packages on your behalf from all carriers. (USPS, UPS, FedEx and Amazon)*

*Some restrictions apply. Please contact us with additional questions.

Generally banks and all other entities will accept our address as a legal address. As far as the DMV, Voter Registration or any entities requiring a RESIDENTIAL address, because our address is a business address, it does not meet the qualifications for residency.

The DMV will require you show proof of a RESIDENTIAL address, which can be an RV park space, for a period of no less than 30 days in order to establish residency in the state of Nevada. You may then use OUR address as your mailing address.

We forward mail virtually anywhere in the world and can ship via most carriers. (USPS, UPS and FedEx)*

*Some restrictions apply. Please contact us with additional questions.

No, our service is limited to the forwarding of unopened mail.

A quick call or email to us takes care of it immediately! No paperwork is necessary to change your forwarding address or have your mail held. 

Yes. Our mail forwarding and registered agent services are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of business and individual clients:


  • Nevada Corporations
  • Nevada LLCs
  • Other out of state businesses


  • Traveling Professionals
  • Those living abroad
  • Vacationers, RVers, Boaters
  • Second Homeowners
  • Military Personnel

When forming a business, the State of Nevada normally requires you to designate a Registered Agent for your company.  The State of Nevada requires all corporations, LLC’s, and Limited Partnerships to have a Registered Agent (sometimes referred to as a “Resident Agent”) with a physical Nevada address.

The Registered Agent allows the state to have an official contact with the company so they can communicate important annual filings and changes in entity requirements. The Registered Agent also provides the essential responsibility of receiving service of process (such as a summons or subpoena) on behalf of the company. Establishing a Registered Agent is a critical step to ensure that the company is legitimate and qualified to do business within the state.

Forward Nevada Registered Agent service meets these requirements. As a part of the service, we will receive and forward your entity’s renewals for annual list of officers and directors, business licenses, and other correspondence from the state. 

Junk/bulk mail and any unwanted magazines/periodicals are securely shredded here in our office. No paying postage for unwanted mail! 

Our service is primarily for the forwarding of mail. In person mail pickups are arranged by appointment only.


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