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Mail Forwarding Services In Las Vegas, Nevada

Our mail forwarding service at Forward Nevada is an excellent way for solo professionals, travelers, military personnel, and other individuals to establish their own prestigious Las Vegas street address. Whether you want a prestigious address in tax-friendly Nevada or a “home base” as you travel the country in your RV, our mail forwarding service is simple and secure.  
Our services offer a convenient location to receive your letters and packages. In addition, our service is reliable and our team takes pride in the customer satisfaction that comes from mail forwarded efficiently, accurately, and securely. 
Under our basic service, we receive your mail here and forward it to wherever you are located worldwide. With our standard mailing schedule your mail is sent about once per week. We can also customize your mailing schedule, forward to different locations, and even send mail on an expedited basis.* Please inquire for more information. 
*Some restrictions apply. Please contact us with additional questions. 

Flexible Term Options to Meet Your Needs

Minimum Monthly Term

Monthly Rent

Total Rent

Postage Deposit

Total Setup

6 Months





12 Months (10% Discount)





Postage deposit is charged each time we forward your mail. When your deposit becomes low, we will notify you.

Forward Nevada’s mail forwarding service is an excellent way to establish your home base when you are on the move. Our prestigious Las Vegas street address provides a safe and private location to receive your mail and packages in the tax-friendly state of Nevada. Whether you are vacationing around the world or on the move for work, our mail forwarding services will provide convenience and peace of mind.

Stop worrying about what address to receive important mail and packages. We will receive them all at your Nevada home base. Under our basic mail forwarding service, we will receive all your mail here and keep it safe for you until you’re ready. We can forward your mail to you on a weekly schedule or, if necessary, we can customize your mail forwarding service to better fit your specific needs, forward to different locations, and send mail on an expedited basis. * 

Just let us know what you need and we’ll make sure our mail forwarding service does everything it can to make life easier and more convenient for you.

*Some restrictions apply. Please contact us with additional questions.

Enjoy The Peace of Mind That Comes With Reliable Mail Forwarding!