Registered Agent Agreement

  1. The undersigned, authorized representative of the above-named company, in consideration for Forward Nevada acting as the company’s Registered Agent, agrees to the following:

    1. The company has requested Forward Nevada to act as its Registered Agent. 
    2. As said company’s Registered Agent, Forward Nevada will forward all correspondence and filings received from the Secretary of State including notification of annual renewals of business licenses and annual lists of officers.
    3. No legal, accounting or other professional advice is expected or given by the Registered Agent, and any legal advice needed by the company will be sought from its own council. Forward Nevada will not be held liable for any actions or negligence of the company.
    4. It is the responsibility of the undersigned to renew and directly pay the Secretary of State for all applicable licenses and annual lists pursuant to the terms outlined by the State.
    5. It is the responsibility of the undersigned to provide, at all times, the current address, phone and fax number of the company. The company and its employees, managers, members, and officers completely indemnify the Registered Agent for any action resulting from the failure of the company to provide this information.
    6. The above company is in compliance with all state, federal and other applicable laws.

If you have any questions about this Registered Agent Agreement, please contact us.