How a Business Address Rental Can Help Grow Your Business

Learn how a business address can help your business grow online

Successful planning is key to starting a business. As the old saying goes, hope for the best but plan for the worst.

If you don’t already have a fixed location such as a factory or office, one of the many important decisions you’re called upon to make is what your business address will be. Receiving mail is a vital part of running a successful business and establishing a physical address for your business, like renting office space, isn’t always a viable option, especially if you’re planning to run it out of your home. That’s where a business address rental service can come in handy and help your endeavor flourish.

The Many Drawbacks to Using a PO Box or Your Personal Home as Your Business Address

There are many reasons why business owners prefer not to use a PO box or their home address as their office address. Using a business address service gives you a higher level of personal privacy and lets you better separate your work and home life. Having your business partners or customers know where you live can present a whole host of privacy problems. After all, you don’t want just anybody dropping by your house whenever they feel like it. Here are some other reasons not to use your home or a PO box:

  • Business impression: No matter how hard to try, there will be some customers who just won’t take you seriously when you work from home. Our business address rental service gives you a physical street address for a more professional image.
  • Hurts your SEO ranking: Not having a legitimate address for your business can seriously affect your SEO ranking and make it tougher for customers to find you online.
  • The “too small” stigma: By using a PO box, you may leave larger customers with the perception that you’re too small to be worth their time or that you’re an unstable “fly by night” operation. Even today, while most people view online business as credible and trustworthy, your reputation is greatly enhanced by sharing a legitimate physical address in order to form that local bond.
  • Registered agent: The State of Nevada requires all businesses designate a registered agent with a physical Nevada address for their company. This provides an official company contact to communicate critical annual filings and requirements, along with service of process like a summons or subpoena. Forward Nevada provides this service for an additional fee to reduce your burden and let you focus on what matters most – growing your business.


Why You Should Set Up a Business Address Rental

There are plenty of good reasons to utilize a business address rental through Forward Nevada, including obtaining a local street address, receiving mail in one secure location (including packages from all carriers), a customizable service to fit your needs, and our free call-in service to check on your mail. Our mail forwarding service is second to none for businesses and individuals who frequently travel. Let’s take a closer look at some other reasons to use a business address rental.

Personal Privacy

Your privacy is important to you, and one of the downsides to working from home is you’re always at home and always at work. Separating your personal and work life is critical to your success and your mental health as well. Using your own home as your business will greatly reduce your personal privacy, not only in terms of letting solicitors know not just where you live but where you do business, but also having unexpected guests show up at your door.

Another important aspect of your privacy is that any potential customer can easily check Google Maps satellite view to see where you are. That’s not the kind of anonymity most of us want in our homes.

Personal privacy is already difficult to retain, so why make it harder on yourself? Separate your work and personal life so the two don’t end up making you miserable both at home and in the “office”.

Professional Image

More often than not, your professional image will determine the success of your business, so you want to get this one right the first time. Business is about first impressions and having a legitimate business address will help you create the professional image you seek. It gives you the image and authority needed to succeed and will improve communication between clients or colleagues.

You don’t want important clients to think you’re too small or illegitimate, so establishing local stability and showing you’re invested in the community is critical, even if the bulk of your business is online. Also, having an apartment number greatly reduces your credibility because if customers see you’re working from home they might lose confidence in your ability to take on large products or orders. A business address rental service that gives you greater transparency and legitimacy is very important in the business world.

Search Engine Optimization

Company addresses are still important, and when potential customers or clients conduct a search for a business using a search engine, you won’t appear in the local business results without a physical street address. Hiding your address and city due to privacy concerns means missing out on a lot of local customers. Obtaining a business rental address makes it much easier to find you online.

Not only does a physical business address make your company pop up in search results, but having a business address is also beneficial if you ever decide to use online advertising services like Google Ads. 

A Business Address Rental Service Provides Other Benefits, Too

As mentioned earlier, Google Maps makes it easy for anyone to see where you’re located and what your neighborhood looks like. For example, if you hope to run a business from an apartment, that could present an unprofessional appearance that drives business away. And fair or not, if your house or neighborhood looks run down or unsafe, this could also be quite problematic.

A reputable business address lends you a much-needed sense of power, success, and sustainability that will pay off in the long run. You’ll sleep easier knowing we provide a highly reliable and secure location to receive important mail correspondence and packages. Even though in this digital age it seems like everything goes through email, many businesses use mail for important documents, checks, and to obtain critical signatures. Don’t take a chance on missing any of these essential communications.

Secure a Valuable Las Vegas Business Address

The easiest and quickest way to grow your business is to sign up for a business address rental with Forward Nevada. You’ll find us reasonably priced, convenient, and professional, offering the highest level of service you expect. We also provide a registered agent service for an additional fee, so spend a few minutes looking over our website or give us a call and let us show you how we can help your business succeed in a competitive world.