Mail Theft on the Rise: Using a Mailbox Rental Service

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Arguably the best feature of utilizing a mailbox rental is the assurance you get knowing your mail is safe and secure. You may think that your mail is safe right now, but it appears that the numbers of mail theft cases are on the rise throughout the country. With the risk of mail theft becoming a reality for so many, the need for a reliable mailbox rental service is more apparent now than ever before.

Keep Your Mail Safe through a Mailbox Rental Service

In San Antonio, mail thieves are getting more brazen, using crowbars and other tools to pry open cluster mailboxes in neighborhoods and apartment complexes and sometimes, even taking the entire cluster out of the ground.

Mail theft tends to see spikes during holiday periods when people often send gifts through the mail. Local officials in San Antonio suggest that the early summer months of May and June are one of the target times for mail theft, as many graduations occur for high schools and universities.

With thieves getting more aggressive with their schemes, a mailbox rental service business like Forward Nevada is more valuable than ever. With our mailbox rental prices, you can set your mind at ease, knowing that our team will receive your mail and send it out to you when you are ready for it. The best part is it doesn’t matter if you’re receiving your standard mail, packages, or a combination of both, we can receive it all for you here.

If you would like to start receiving the benefits that our trusted mailbox rental service can provide you, sign up for your mailbox rental online today.