5 Ways a Nevada Registered Agent Can Benefit Your Business

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Have you been looking for a Nevada registered agent for your business? Were you previously located in Nevada and interested in returning or are you relocating here for the first time from another state? Then you’ll need to find a reputable, trustworthy registered agent to assist you.

A business registered as a legal entry in any state must obtain a registered agent (also known as a statutory agent or agent of process) with a valid physical address in that state. This is a designated individual who, by law, is authorized to receive tax and legal documents on your behalf, which may include Service of Process (SOP) forms and other paperwork from the state and federal government.

But finding a registered agent isn’t as easy as it seems, and that’s where Forward Nevada comes in. We’ve spent our entire lives in Nevada and have done business here since 2004. In addition to being a premier mail forwarding company, our husband-and-wife team also serves as the Nevada registered agent for many small businesses. With hundreds of clients ranging from corporations conducting business outside the state to world travelers seeking a reliable, trustworthy place to receive important mail, Forward Nevada is the solution for reliability, confidentiality, and security.

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Why Do Businesses Need Registered Agents?

A registered agent is authorized to receive an SOP, such as in the case where legal action like a summons or lawsuit is filed against a business entity. All 50 U.S. states require the use of a registered agent, which could be an employee of the company or a third-party lawyer, accountant, or business providing this service.

In the case of Forward Nevada, the registered agent may also be the location where the state sends business renewal paperwork for the entity’s charter, since most businesses are not individuals but rather corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).
This is another reason why a registered agent must be reliable and trustworthy. For example, agents not adequately performing their function may result in serious consequences for the company employing them. If the business is being sued by a customer and the registered agent fails to notify the business of the court summons in response to a lawsuit, a representative of the business might fail to appear at trial and the customer would win by default judgment. The business would then have a difficult time overturning that decision on appeal because the court will rule they had been properly served. That’s one of the main reasons that businesses use a third party as their registered agent.

Failure to utilize a registered agent contact in the state where the business was formed and in any states to which the business has expanded could result in negative consequences including being administratively dissolved in its home state and loss of the authority to conduct business in other states.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Nevada Registered Agent?

In addition to legal requirements, there are many benefits to utilizing a trustworthy Nevada registered agent, including privacy assurance, doing business across multiple states, avoiding non-compliance issues, easy moving, and never requiring a physical location. Let’s take a closer look at what these benefits could mean for you and your business.

1) Helps Avoid Non-Compliance Issues

Not only does a registered agent help businesses avoid default judgments through rapid response to SOPs, but it also manages business compliance filings and licenses. This helps maintain the legal right to conduct business in the states where you’re qualified to do so.

For many business owners, compliance isn’t an area of expertise, and sometimes it’s a real pain with a great deal of oversight needed. You should expect your Nevada registered agent to have solid familiarity with state and federal regulations/deadlines to keep you up to date and avoid unnecessary penalties. This will not only eliminate the pain, but also help your business maintain a good reputation.

2) Ensures Privacy

Whether considered a right or a privilege, most of us cherish our privacy and fight to protect it from attack on a seemingly daily basis (robocalls, anyone?). Listing yourself as a registered agent will likely mean your home address is now the same as your business address, and now it’s on the public record, so if anyone needs to reach you, they’ll do so through your home address (junk mail, anyone?). By using a registered agent, your business address will be listed as our office, so you’ll enjoy that extra layer of privacy.

3) Physical Location Isn’t Needed

Most business owners would prefer to not list their home address as their business, not least of which for the reason mentioned above, and there are plenty of other reasons, too. Many small and online-based companies lack a physical location, which is often required by the state government. Hiring a registered agent gives you a physical address to use on official filings. All official state and SOP mail will come to you through the agent’s address, so you don’t need to maintain an office location or use your own home.

4) Legally Allows Business Operations in Multiple States

You must register your company with every state where you conduct business, and this makes it difficult for small businesses to tap into new markets. The registered agent must live in the state from where the business operates. The agent also needs a physical address and not just a post office box. A registered agent helps ensure you can operate your business freely and rest assured your documents are handled in a timely, professional manner.

5) Eases Moving

Moving is never easy. Between packing and unpacking, arranging transportation, and finding that perfect place to live, it can be both stressful and frightening. We help you eliminate some of the stress by ensuring you don’t need to keep changing your address with every move. You’ll maintain a local, physical address, so you never have to worry about critical mail delivery or questions about your actual location wherever that may be.

Hire Us As Your Nevada Registered Agent

Not all registered agents are the same. Many offer different quality of services, and not all are as experienced and trustworthy as you might expect. That’s why it’s important to review qualifications, experience, and customer feedback before selecting your Nevada registered agent. We encourage you to take a closer look at Forward Nevada’s professional business services and consider our long history of serving all types of businesses. Let us help make your business a success!