Why Do I Need a Registered Agent?

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When most people think about starting up a new business, their minds often travel immediately to the big decisions like what they will sell and where they will set up shop. Another big decision that you should consider is if you need a registered agent and who it will be. This is a necessity if you are planning to start your business in Las Vegas, as the state requires you have a registered agent in Nevada.

What is a registered agent for anyway?

A registered agent is responsible for receiving any services of process or any correspondence from the Secretary of State on behalf of the business. This is key for the state as it gives them a consistent point of contact with your business. Utilizing professional registered agent services ensures that you won’t miss any important information such as tax or legal documents.


You may be thinking, “Is there a way I can be my own registered agent” but this is also a benefit for you. Having all of your key legal documents sent to a third party location means you can leave the office freely and not worry about missing an important delivery. This freedom also means you can relocate your business to a different physical location whenever you see fit.


If you’re looking for a reliable registered agent in Las Vegas, then you’ll be happy to hear that our team at Forward Nevada can provide you with registered agent services. Sign up for our registered agent services and start enjoying all the benefits of a Las Vegas-based business today.