Why Nevada is The Best State to Incorporate In

Nevada State

The lure of the open road. Ah, to be a digital nomad: free to roam the world with a laptop and an ATM card. They say do what you love, and you’ll never have to work again.

Nevada is the best state to incorporate your professional business in America. From the super friendly business climate to the business services, to the lifestyle, Nevada is the place to be. Here is your guide to incorporating in Nevada.

No income tax

Nevada is one of only seven U.S. states with no personal income tax. This was in the State Constitution from the very beginning. It became a real issue as casinos blossomed in the desert as Nevada’s main industry in the 20th Century.

The locals’ deal for the casino bosses: “We’ll let you use Nevada as your state of incorporation for these casinos, but don’t tax the workers.” While many states have since allowed legalized gambling, the no income tax rule in Nevada is still one of its main business attractions.

Nevada is the best state for LLC formation. You can make an LLC or corporation, pay all the profits of your business to yourself as personal income, and end up owing nothing in State taxes.

Nevada is Best State to Incorporate Your Business

Nevada has a long history of allowing almost any kind of business or business method you can think of. Casinos and legal prostitution (in some counties) are the two biggest examples. Nevada is also the home of many other forms of business that won’t work out elsewhere.

Nevada offers instant marriage and divorce. It costs less than $100 to incorporate a legal business here. Nevada is the “call center” capital of the United States.


The General Data Protection Regulation took effect in Europe on May 26, 2018. Corporations are scrambling to come into compliance. Three states in the United States have their own data protection laws: California, Deleware, and Nevada.

All four laws are basically the same, compelling even U.S. companies to follow the European regulations. All EXCEPT the Nevada statute! Nevada specifically exempts local companies who reside here, but don’t do business here.

Even a corporation in Texas, or a Wyoming corporation has to follow European GDPR. Not in Nevada!

Las Vegas lies on a digital superhighway. Right between the fiber optic cables that connect California to the rest of the United States and the world. Nevada is in position to attract digital businesses of all kinds who don’t want to follow onerous regulations imposed by European bureaucrats.

Registered Agent

Many states require a legal resident agent for your business as a legal contract for the State. They require that this person has a physical address in the State so legal correspondences can get through.

Designate a commercial registered agent to perform this service for you in Nevada! Get this service from a qualified business entity like Forward Nevada. Your registered agent becomes the legal contact for your Nevada corporate entity. This allows you to roam anywhere the wind takes you.

Mail Forwarding

Setup your legal entity in Nevada, and have the mail sent anywhere! Incorporate your business with a reputable mail forwarder like Forward Nevada. You can receive your correspondence anywhere in the world. You’ll have a prestigious legal street address (not a cheap sounding POBox) and can accept deliveries from the postal service, or any commercial provider like UPS or FedEx.


Nevada has two types of places to live, Las Vegas and the rest of the state. Las Vegas is the most exciting and fun place to live in the world! Casinos, 24 hour EVERYTHING, perfect weather, and every imaginable luxury the human race has invented.

The rest of the State is relatively empty. You can drive for hours and hours and not even see another car let alone a town. If you want nature or the city, Nevada is the place for you!

Become Free

The Silver State has long been the best state to incorporate your business. For the professional business person seeking a legal home, it’s heaven on Earth. Cut your ties with a physical address and become free yourself.

Incorporate your business in Nevada, get a mail forwarder, and start enjoying your life. Contact Forward Nevada today!