Benefits of Business Mailbox Services That May Surprise You


Starting a business is a major decision that involves many moving parts. With so many things to plan for, it’s easy for important – even critical – pieces to slip through the cracks. For many new home-based businesses, one of the hardest decisions is whether to use your own home as your business address. This can cause a host of unforeseen problems, not least of which is that your cherished personal space suddenly becomes “the office.” One easy way to solve this problem is to use a business mailbox rental service as your company’s physical address.

What is Business Mail Forwarding?

Business mailbox services are convenient for small or home-based businesses that lack a factory or office location. A business mail forwarding service allows you to have mail sent to a paid address of your choosing. Once the mail is received, it’s discretely sent to your personal address from the mail forwarding facility. Many small business owners find this beneficial to maintain their privacy, obtain a prestigious Las Vegas address, and better establish their business in the community.

Business Mailbox vs. PO Box

There are plenty of reasons to choose a business mailbox service over a PO box or your home address, especially where privacy is concerned. Among the benefits of business mailboxes are greater personal privacy and separation of work and home. You also don’t want customers or partners deciding to just “drop by” your house whenever the mood strikes them. Below are some other good reasons to choose a business mailbox:

  •       Form a local bond: Having a physical address vs. a PO box helps you better establish yourself in the community.
  •       Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking: Not having a legitimate address may impact your website’s SEO ranking and make it harder for customers to find you when they’re searching online.
  •       Improved business impression: Some customers may not take you as seriously as they otherwise would when your business is run out of your home. A business address rental with a physical street address improves your image.
  •       Prove your stability: Some customers may feel you’re too small or fly by night if you run a home-based business and have a PO box. While many people nowadays view online businesses as generally trustworthy, it’s still a good idea to cement your reputation with a legitimate physical address.

6 Surprising Benefits of Business Mailbox Services

Now let’s take a closer look at some other unique and surprising benefits of business mailboxes.

Business Credibility

Lacking a true business address or using a PO box could frighten some customers into thinking you’re not credible or stable. A permanent, physical business address gives you legitimacy, credibility, and authority. You don’t want customers thinking you may fold up shop at any moment.

Business Image

Among the many benefits of business mailboxes is image. You want to show your best self to your customers, and while unfair, some may see a home-based business owner as lounging around in slippers and not take you seriously. You can escape this tired stigma by using a business mailbox rental service like Forward Nevada to gain the professional image that will help you succeed.

Registered Agent Services

The State of Nevada requires that all businesses designate a registered agent, and this agent must have a physical Nevada address as a representative of the company. In this way, the state maintains an official company contact for important correspondence, such as annual filings and requirements, as well as for service of process in the case of a summons or subpoena. Forward Nevada acts as a registered agent (for an additional fee) so you can focus on building your business.

Receive Packages From All Carriers

Another of the many benefits of business mailboxes is being able to receive packages from all carriers, including FedEx and UPS. That’s something else a PO box won’t give you, and if you do a lot of shipping and receiving, this will come in very handy.

Customizable For Your Preferences

With our basic service, you receive a prestigious Las Vegas street address. We receive your mail and then forward it to you once per week. However, not all clients are one-size-fits-all, so we customize our services wherein we can forward mail to different locations and even expedite your mail.

It’s Like Having Your Own Remote Mail Clerk

You have enough to worry about when running your business. You don’t need to add administrative tasks to the list. We serve as your very own remote mail clerk, and we’ve been in business since 2004, so we’ve helped thousands of clients with our secure, trusted mail services. You can count on us to ease your stress and take care of that critical correspondence so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

Forward Nevada’s Business Mailbox Services

If you’re incorporating in Nevada but doing business outside the state, or you just want your business to shine with a Las Vegas street address, you’ll find our business mailbox services are just what you’re looking for. The Silver State is one of the most business and tax-friendly states in the country, so take a closer look at our mail forwarding and registered agent services to help your business grow.

Have Your Mail Sent to You Wherever You Are With Forward Nevada

By now, the benefits of business mailboxes should be pretty clear to you. We’re here to help you put your best foot forward when starting a business in Nevada with trusted business mailboxes and other services designed to fit your every need. Contact us today to learn more about our business mail forwarding services and how they can help your business succeed!