Forward Mail: What Kind of Mail Can Be Forwarded?

Sending Mail

Americans love to travel, whether for business or pleasure. In 2017, Americans made 462 million domestic business trips.

And as fun or rewarding as these trips can be, you don’t want to worry about your mail while you’re away. Using mail forwarding is a great way to receive your mail when you’re not at home.

Yes, that’s right. Mail forwarding isn’t just for people moving to another home. You may want to continue receiving your mail while working or traveling, both at home and abroad.

It means no more missed bills or other important letters.

Choosing to forward mail is a simple solution. It also avoids that tell-tale pile of mail that lets burglars know your home is empty.

So read on to learn more about what categories of mail you can, and can’t, forward.

What Mail Can You Forward?

With a mail forwarding service, you can forward almost any mail. Packages are a popular choice since you don’t want them mounting up while you’re not home.

In fact, you don’t even need to be away for any length of time to take advantage of that. Have your packages forwarded to your place of work or a trusted location. Or simply drop by to pick them up on your way home.

Choosing to forward mail is also a great way to take the stress out of moving home. Don’t worry about mail piling up at your old home. Simply have all mail forwarded to your new address.

Mail forwarding services like ours handle subscriptions, regular mail, and packages you receive for as long as you need.

But if you’re traveling for work or on vacation? You can still use mail forwarding if you’re going to be somewhere for any length of time. Use a system like Forward Nevada so you still get your subscriptions while you’re away.

What Mail Can’t You Forward?

Government mail is not forwarded if you use a service like the U.S. Postal Service Change of Address. If you’re working with immigration, this can cause huge problems.

They may send you a Notice to Appear about removing you from the country. If you don’t appear because the mail wasn’t forwarded? You can be deported under an Order of Removal in Absentia.

If this could apply to you, then there are two solutions.

You can use a premium forwarding service like Forward Nevada to ensure government mail reaches you at your new address.

Alternatively, file an AR-11 form with the U.S. government to notify them of your change of address. It’s a good idea to set up both, just until your new address takes effect.

So Now You Know How to Forward Mail!

In essence, any mail can be forwarded. Even though USPS won’t forward government mail, premium services will. And filing a change of address solves that problem.

Since mail doesn’t just apply to letters and bills, you can also rest easy knowing packages can be forwarded to. It doesn’t matter who the carrier is!

So if you’re ready to forward your mail, get in touch today.