Is A Change of Address Better than Mailbox Forwarding?

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If you’re planning to move your home or business to Nevada or out of Nevada, the last thing you need to worry about is losing important packages or bills that are still being sent to the old address. To avoid this from happening, you can set up a change of address or mailbox forwarding. Find out what each option has to offer to understand what is best for you.

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Who Needs a Change of Address or Mailbox Forwarding?

If you’re planning on a move, relocating your business, or just going for an extended vacation, you’ll need either a change of address or mailbox forwarding. However, while these are similar services, they have some key differences of which you’ll want to be aware. If you’re moving to Nevada and want to receive mail at your new temporary or permanent home address, you’ll want to file for a change of address with the United States Post Office. However, if you want to use a Nevada address that isn’t necessarily your own, mailbox forwarding is the best option.

Mailbox Forwarding Options

Mailbox forwarding involves your mail being sent to a different address than your own. Anyone can have their mail forwarded, but this is a very common option for small business owners who don’t want their business mail going to their home address. A forwarding address serves as a central point at which all mail can be signed for and safely sent to you. Here are some different options for mailbox forwarding:

PFS-Residential® Service from USPS

With the USPS’s Premium Forwarding Service Residential®, your mail will be forwarded via Priority Mail from your post office to your new address. Mail is typically sent on Wednesdays. The program includes a sign-up fee, after which you’ll be charged weekly for the service.

PFS-Commercial® Service from USPS

The Premium Forwarding Service (PFS) Commercial through the USPS collects mail from multiple mailing addresses and forwards them in a single package to a new address. Businesses that sign up pay an annual service fee instead of a new fee for every use.

Other Mailbox Forwarding Services

Other mailbox forwarding solutions, like what we offer, provide an expanded set of services compared to what the USPS offers. These types of mailbox forwarding services offer a street address in a location you prefer instead of just a P.O. box. Some also have a registered agent on-staff, which is a must if your goal is to acquire an address for your business in a new state. They may also offer virtual mailbox services with which you can receive scanned copies of your mail and decide what you want delivered or shredded.

Mailbox Forwarding Pros

  • You won’t have to worry about keeping up with your mail
  • If your address changes again, you can simply forward mail to the new one
  • Mail forwarding services are safe and dependable
  • You won’t have to rely on your friends, family, or neighbors to get your mail

Mailbox Forwarding Cons

  • You have to pay for these services and postage

Change of Address Options

If you’re making a temporary or permanent move, you may want to submit a Change of Address (COA) with the USPS to make sure your mail doesn’t go to your old address. Your mail won’t just automatically follow you once you notify the DMV or your bank. A USPS address change typically takes about two weeks to come into effect, but in most cases, it takes even less time. You’ll have two options to choose from when filing a COA: temporary or permanent.

Temporary Change of Address

A Temporary Change of Address filed with the USPS can last anywhere from 15 to 365 days. The first filing can last for up to six months, after which you would have to file an extension. You’ll need to update individual senders on your new address if you wish to make it a permanent one, and periodicals will only be forwarded to you for 60 days. You may change your address in-person at a post office or online with a credit or debit card with a billing address that matches your new one.

Permanent Change of Address

With a Permanent Change of Address, all of your mail will go to your new address, which will also be added to the National Change of Address database. This will notify financial institutions and the IRS about your move, but you may still need to contact individual businesses about the new address. This COA information will be kept in the database for four years.

COA Pros

Your mail will go to your new address
You can spend less time thinking about your mail
You don’t have to pay for the service after an initial fee

COA Cons

A COA isn’t good for short-term stays if you’ll be moving around a lot
You may not get all of your mail with a temporary COA

The Best Mailbox Forwarding Service Is Coupled With a Change of Address

A COA and mailbox forwarding offer similar services, but each has its own pros and cons. If you want to be sure you’re not missing any mail, why not sign up for both with Forward Nevada? If it’s for your personal needs, you’ll get the flexibility of mailbox forwarding with the reliability of a change of address. On the other hand, small businesses will benefit from both by having a coveted Nevada street address and the legitimacy that comes with it, while being able to reap Nevada’s tax benefits.

Contact Forward Nevada For Your Mailbox Forwarding and Change of Address Needs

If you’re moving to or from Nevada, taking an extended vacation, or want to change your business address, Forward Nevada can handle all of your mailbox forwarding and COA needs. We serve a wide range of customers, including entrepreneurs, military service members, RV travelers, and more. Our mail forwarding services allow our customers to track mail and are customizable to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you!