July Featured Forward Nevada Customer

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At Forward Nevada, we serve a diverse group of clients.  From full-time RV-ers to those serving in our military to those looking to establish their business in Nevada.  We started this monthly feature on our blog to help you get to know some of the amazing people we call clients & friends.


This month’s featured customer is Vincent Panettiere.  Vincent’s background is in journalism.  He started as a sports writer, worked as an executive with CBS & Fox and (in his words), “inexplicably, I became a literary agent representing writers and directors for TV and film.” 

Vincent has written and is currently marketing two novels, “A Woman to Blame,” about two flawed characters who reluctantly team up to find the truth behind what the police officially conclude is a murder/suicide and “These Thy Gifts”  a story of atonement, resignation and vindication spanning fifty years in the life of an activist priest.


Vincent is currently finishing “The Scopas Factor” which features Detective Mike Hegan who was the main character in “A Woman to Blame.”  When asked what the hardest part about writing his books was, Vincent replies, “every blank page.” We think other tortured writers will relate.

Vincent answered some questions for Forward Nevada:

1. Tell us the story of your business… how you got started and most importantly why you started it.  

I am a writer – having published three books in Amazon and Kindle versions. Two are novels and the third is a look at the dark side of the Internet “The Internet Financing Illusion.”

2. What problem does your business solve for people?

I hope my books are entertaining and a release from daily business problems.

3. What is your favorite thing about being in business for yourself?

I’m never late; my writing schedule is up to me whenever the spirit moves me.

4. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in business and what did you learn from it?

Being offered deals and having a snotty attitude that made the deals dissolve.

5. What would one piece of advice you give to people interested in pursuing a career in your industry?

No one can force you to write. If you want to write, write; otherwise, don’t talk about wanting to write.

6. How has Forward Nevada helped your business?

Forward Nevada has been very helpful in providing me with documents I need in a timely manner.

If you’re interested in learning more about Vincent, you can find him at www.vincentpanettiere.com.

Would you like us to feature your business on our blog?  If you are a Forward Nevada client, just email us at info@forwardnevada.com, and you could be our next Featured Customer!