5 Reasons Why Locum Tenens Love Mail Forwarding

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Like many things in life, locum tenens assignments come with their fair share of challenges. One of the biggest problems with this job is receiving mail.

You don’t stay in one place for long, and getting new a P.O. Box in each location is inconvenient. Plus, regularly renting a P.O. Box may confuse senders. This is where mail forwarding becomes highly beneficial.

At Forward Nevada, we provide you with a legal permanent address where all your mail can be sent and then forwarded to you, wherever you are. Convenient, isn’t it?

Here are more reasons our mail forwarding services will benefit you:  

1. You Don’t Have to Rent a P.O. Box

Often, you’ll find P.O. Box addresses rented on a semi-annual basis. However, many locum tenens don’t stay at a particular place for very long. So, it doesn’t make sense to rent a new P.O. Box for six months. You’ll just end up wasting your money.

With a mail forwarding system, you don’t need a new P.O. Box address. We forward all your mail to your new location.  

2. It Will Save You Time

Locum tenens are busy people. Being burdened with the task of always arranging for your mail to be forwarded to you, makes your work even more daunting.

At Forward Nevada, we understand your troubles. We take care of everything and ensure your mail is delivered to you as soon as possible – wherever you are.

3. Forward My Mail — Even Magazines!

You don’t have to worry about getting your mail, even if you subscribe to a weekly or monthly magazine. Our mail forwarding services will forward all types of mail. So, even during your assignments, you’ll be able to catch up on your favorite magazine features.

4. You Don’t Have to Worry About Forwarding Your Mail to a Business Address

Another problem with using a rented P.O. Box while on assignment is that some are considered business addresses. You can’t forward mail from a business address. So, when you move, you will have no choice but to call everyone and give them your new address. This is quite tiresome. With our mail forwarding system, you’ll never have to worry whether your mail will get to you.  

5. You’ll Have the Freedom to Relocate Easily

Forwarding your mail has never been easier. With our mail services, you have the convenience of working anywhere at any time while receiving your daily mail.

So what are you waiting for? Get your legal permanent address today!