#VegasStrong… Thank YOU for Your Support

In a matter of minutes, last week, life changed significantly for so many. It was something we hoped would never happen here. A group of concert-goers ruthlessly attacked by a madman on the Las Vegas Strip.

And yet, in the wake of that unthinkable tragedy, everywhere we turn we are reminded of what makes this community so much more than Sin City. Starting with the outpouring of support from you, our clients. Most of you don’t live here in Nevada, and yet, you reached out with an email or phone call to see if we were ok.

You have no idea what that means to us.

We were not at the concert that night. But like so many in this community we know people who were. We continue to pray for them.

Many of you may know that our daughter, Kendall, is a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer. She was one of the first responders on scene that horrible night. She has been absolutely astounded by the acts of heroism she witnessed by ordinary people during the chaos. She’s been humbled by the outpouring of support for our local police force.

In times like this, we are reminded of the depths of human kindness. We’ve seen that first hand in our community – from the long lines at the blood banks to the therapy dogs brought in to help first responders process what they witnessed – there’s been a coming together like nothing we’ve ever seen.

From the outside, Las Vegas looks like a city of glitz & glamour – but at its heart is a true community of amazing, giving people. That generosity extends far beyond our Nevada borders to include our Forward Nevada family.

We wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support during this difficult time. Please pray for our city as we continue to heal.



Lisa & Doug Beckley