How to Get Ready for Van Life Adventure

Getting ready for outing

Forget the mansions and tiny homes; there’s a new craze in the housing industry – it’s all about being mobile.

By now you may have noticed how the #VanLife movement is taking over social media. Instagram alone has more than 2 million mentions. The dreamy photos inspire many followers to leave their comfortable homes and their normal routines to invest in a van and drive around the country.

Life on the road is not only exciting but also breathtaking. You’ll get to experience moments of pure bliss.

While this is possibly the best life for adventure-seekers because something exciting is always around the corner – see the world, have fun, enjoy the freedom, and sometimes work while enjoying the adventure – there are realities you need to consider when adopting the van life.

Before Starting

1. Finding Work on the Road

An often overlooked (but important) element of this nomadic life is consistent income. You need money for gas, food, and other essential things – you need a job. But a permanent job and life on the road are not always compatible.

Nonetheless, if you have a specific set of skills such as photography, graphic design, computer programming, or virtual office assistance, you can consider doing online freelance work.

You could also try out short-term or seasonal jobs such as event staffing at music events, picking fruits on a farm, or working at a diner. A good place for finding general odd jobs in a specific location is on Craigslist.

2. Check the Gear

Whether you own the van or have just rented it, compare the list of things included in the vehicle against what you need for your journey. Ensure everything you need is in the van, and if anything is missing, get it as soon as possible.

Some of the things most people who live a van life have found useful include a fridge, stove, fan, heater, music system, internet connection, and some handy tools. These items will turn your van into a comfortable, livable space.

3. Don’t Forget the Essentials

Yes, your vehicle is ready and has all the gear. But no, you can’t begin your journey without some key essentials.

Suggestions include towels, baby wipes, shampoo, containers for leftovers, bug spray, a tiny broom, sunscreen, water, kitchenware, and any other personal stuff you can’t do without. By getting these things early, you will be able to focus on the fun of living a van life.

4. Don’t Overpack

Since the space you have is limited and you’ll take up some of it, avoid overpacking. Carry what you need. You won’t want to sift through things you don’t necessarily need every time you get ready in the morning.

5. Consider Meal Planning

Just like living at home, the perfect van life requires meal planning. While you can buy food on the road at grocery stores and local farmer’s markets, there are many cooking related items you should get now. Don’t forget to create an appropriate food storage space in your van.

You don’t have to plan what you intend to eat every day, but having the staples on hand so that you can prepare healthy food will help you avoid living on fast food. Go to the grocery store before the adventure with a list of ingredients, especially if you intend to explore secluded beaches and national parks.

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