6 Important Reasons to Shop Local

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Everyone seems to know it’s important to shop local, but do you know why?

Shopping local benefits your community in several ways you might not think about.

In fact, you might even take some of these benefits for granted. Always shop local to keep these positive qualities flowing to your local community – wherever you live.

6 Ways Shopping Local Supports the Community

Local businesses are the backbone of every community. They keep money local, support public services, create jobs, and so much more. Here’s why you should consider staying local next time you head out to do some shopping.

1. More money goes to nonprofits

Many small businesses donate to local nonprofit agencies. Check websites from local companies – they’ll probably let you know which organizations they donate to on a regular basis. Many non-local companies might also donate to nonprofits, but that money probably won’t benefit organizations in your immediate area.

2. It’s good for the environment

Local companies require less transportation to move goods and services. Less transportation = less gas. Local small businesses often shop and hire local themselves. This contributes to less sprawl, urban congestion, and overall pollution. Local businesses may also receive tax incentives to “go green.”

3. Tax money stays local

When you shop local, the tax money stays within your community. They won’t pack up and leave when the tax incentives end like many non-local companies. This improves public services and provides your city with more resources to care for citizens.

4. It helps other small businesses

Small businesses are often very invested in the welfare of the local community. They tend to shop local themselves for their inventory and products. More small businesses mean more of all the great benefits on this list.

5. Job growth

Local small businesses are the nation’s largest employers providing about 65% of jobs. Local communities rely on the stability of small business to support themselves and their families. They know local business won’t pack up and move three counties away overnight like non-local companies might.

6. Money recirculates in the local community

When you shop at a local business, you can be fairly certain the money isn’t going to sit in an offshore bank account somewhere collecting dust. Local small businesses live where they work and support the local economy.

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