5 Perfect Gifts for People Living the Nomadic Lifestyle


Thanks to the gig economy and remote jobs, people have more opportunities than ever to embrace the nomadic lifestyle.

If you know someone constantly on-the-go, it can be hard to know what to get them as gifts. After all, you may not see them very often.

Think outside the box with these perfect gifts for locum tenens, nomads, or just general folks on-the-go.

5 Perfect Gifts for Locum Tenens, Nomads, or People On-The-Go

People who move around a lot have different needs than folks who live in one steady place. They have little need for bulky appliances or home décor.

Instead, think about what kind of items could make their life a little easier.

1. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

Many people who embrace the nomadic lifestyle do so because they’re able to work remotely. In order to work, they need a stable Wi-Fi connection – which isn’t a guarantee everywhere they travel. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot will make sure they stay connected no matter where they end up.

2. Travel vouchers

Ask any traveler what their biggest expense is and they’ll probably tell you transportation. Many airlines and rail companies offer travel vouchers you can purchase as gifts. If they’re traveling somewhere without decent public transportation, check out gift vouchers for car rental companies as well.

3. Gift cards for local gas stations or department stores

Since they’re constantly moving, travelers frequently need to stock up on toiletries, food, and paper products. Consider getting them some gift cards to local stores or gas stations to fuel up their rental car. They’ll be relieved to know they have some extra gift cards to cover these expenses when they pop up.

4. Portable phone or laptop chargers

You can never have enough phone chargers. People who travel frequently might often misplace things like laptop chargers, phone chargers, or flash drives. Sometimes it’s hard to find an available outlet to charge your device, so grab some extra portable chargers to make sure they always have power.

5. A mail forwarding service

People who frequently move spend a lot of time changing their address. This is a hassle and leads to a lot of missing mail. A registered agent and mail forwarding services simplify this process. They’ll have one address to give out to institutions, colleagues, and friends that forwards their mail to wherever they live. Easy-peasy.

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