2018 Trends to Watch Out for: Virtual Offices

Man Working on Computer

Consumers already conduct most of their business remotely.

Banking, education, shopping, the list goes on.

Why should work be any different?

Well, thanks to remote jobs and virtual offices, the workspace is going “online” too.

Why are Virtual Offices Such a Big Hit?

Remote employment is on the rise. According to studies from Global Workplace Analytics, more than half of the United States workforce conducts its business virtually at least part of the time – and this number isn’t slowing down.

There are several reasons for both workers and business owners to switch from brick-and-mortar shops to virtual offices:

  • Rent prices are always on the rise. This option cuts back on overhead costs for business owners.
  • An international job pool for finding the best hires.
  • A better work-life balance for workers.
  • Workers have the opportunity to travel without missing work and paychecks.
  • No commute means less money spent on gas and vehicle maintenance.
  • Better employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Tips for Embracing the Laptop Lifestyle

For people who have worked their entire lives in physical jobs or office settings, the laptop lifestyle may seem like a pipe dream.

The truth is, remote jobs are available across all industries.

Think About Your Skills – Not Your Current Job

What skills do you have and how can you transfer these skills to the virtual world?

If you have a medical background, for example, you could look for jobs at call centers or education websites.

Your job might not transfer over to the internet as-is, but that doesn’t mean your skills and knowledge won’t.

Browse Jobs in a Related Field

Get creative and think outside the box.

Look for companies you’ve worked for or applied at in the past for real-life jobs. If they’re a fairly large business, chances are they have a large digital department full of employees working remotely.

Build Your Resume

Do some of your own research to determine which skills you’ll need.

Lots of online jobs may require at least minimal digital marketing or communication experience.

What are companies looking for? Build your skill set up a bit on your own time and then craft the perfect resume for your industry.

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